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MR Porter comes knockin’

June 14, 2010

Goodness gracious….MR Porter (male’s version of Net-a-Porter online shop) will be launching soon. No official date yet, but blah blahloosh…it’s coming SOON.

Back in January, Net-a-Porter announced the development of their improved website to quench the fashion hunger of the modern day stylish man. Since then, we’ve been anxiously been awaiting the details of the venture and finally the wait is over! The trendy fashion shopping site is going to be fully equipped with over 60 different designer brands for men to choose from including Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Dunhill, and Margaret Howell, among others. Natalie Massenet, Founder and executive chairman of Net-a-porter expressed, “we’ve wanted to do this for years but never felt it was the right time. This idea did not come from a bunch of people sitting in a boardroom looking at a spreadsheet. It was our customers, our target market, that was asking for this.”

Capitalizing on the lack of presence in the men’s online shopping arena, MR Porter hopes to make a big splash with their launch that continues into their normal business model. Even without going into too much detail about where they are projected their first years sales, Massenet did shared that, “if we do the job right, it will be a meaningful business,” which only makes sense given the current success of the online retail market in the women’s sector. Plus, the site is going to be structured with a man’s shopping habits in mind; completely no fuss. Every item is going to be streamed down so that instead of choosing from 60 blue shirts they will edit down to a good 4 for the guy to choose from. Also, with same day delivery in Manhattan and London, not to mention  24 to 48 hour delivery in various other markets, the ability/potential for instant gratification for the end consumer is very likely.

With regards to the styles and trends that will be reflected within MR Porter, Alison Loehnis, vice president of sales and marketing at Net-a-porter expressed, “we won’t be slavishly following the catwalk. We are aiming to dress an ageless, international, modern, classic man. Among our inspirations are ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ and Alain Delon.” Now if that is not exciting, then nothing will be. Loehnis shared that ultimately, “we see this as a one-stop shop for men.” Even despite the selling of fragrances, there is more than enough variety for any stylish man to get lost and then found in their product assortment. Though we don’t have an official launch date, maybe just saying “Coming Soon” will be irritating enough to make sure you keep checking back till MR Porter launches. 

-Candace Deanes, Contributer


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