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Vanessa Paradis, the face for Coco Cocoon by Chanel

May 7, 2010

Vanessa Paradis will be starring in the latest campaign for the new line of bags from Chanel, Coco Cocoon. Coco Cocoon is a relatively new addition to the Chanel family – the first line made its debut at the end of 2009. The more casual bags are made from either leather or lightweight nylon and many of them are reversible. In this collection, some might be jumping for joy as it includes some orylag fur-accented bags in the mix and one matte-finish alligator skin bag. I don’t know why by Chanel bags often looked so comfy as a pillow (as demonstrated by Paradis above) – dual-purpose bags, gotta love ’em, gotta have it!

Paradis, a familiar face to the french fashion house is currently featured in another Chanel’s campaign – Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick. Karl Lagerfeld said:

I have often photographed her for magazines or advertising campaigns and each time it’s a pleasure. She really gives the impression that she is instantly on your level when you are working with her. People think she’s wonderful. She plays the game spontaneously, she is super natural. And above all, she creates harmony all around her. We have formed a real bond in our working relationship. She has been to my studio a number of times, and it’s as if she were coming to the house for dinner.

Checkout the entire collection of Coco Cocoon after the jump.

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