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Homini Emerito: Mango’s Men Department!?

April 22, 2010

A friend informed me about the recent opening of a Mango store in Milan city centre. With such confidence, I told my friend ‘nothing for men..hate that.’ Little did I know, Mango have expanded its target market to fellow gentlemen. Homini Emerito (H.E.) – male’s version of Mango is now opened in Milan city centre. First, ignorance got the best of me when I assumed Mango has alwaysssss and still catered to ladies ONLY and secondly, the adventurous side of me while shopping sorta died off the past weeks – the store was right at  Corso Vittorio Emanuele. (go to the website to check if Homini Emerito is now open in your country or you can shop online here)

So I’ve decided to check the store out the last weekend, and to my surprise the store was not as jam-packed as the others were (your H&Ms and Zaras). So, I’ve started browsing their shelves and racks all over the store (btw, H.E. is on the second floor of Mango’s Corso Vittorio Emanuele store) my surprise, their stuff is pretty solid. The designs were cross between of Zara and Dunhill – masculine and classic. Having said that, H.E. garments are also catered to yuppies with bright colours pieces seen there and here in the store. The prices are a little higher than your usual commercial Spanish labels like Zara. Homini Emerito’s Spring Summer Collection 2010 is pretty denim and cotton focused. The collection includes, denim jackets, cotton shirts, jeans and many other blue and earth toned pieces.

Anyways, after browsing through the store, I’ve decided to buy a blue  high-top sneakers. I just love the material and the simplicity of the design (picture below).  My first H.E. item – not too shabby! Get yourself a pair of Homini Emerito footwear here.

Check out the Spring Summer Collection after the jump.

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