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In love with Nicholas K. Spring 2010 Men Collection.

April 14, 2010

The Spring 2010 Men Collection from Nicholas K is just absolutely casual-chic, smart and dandy. The collection is totally right for the coming spring summer season. The pieces are just so fashionable yet wearable to every men. I mean c’mon how many fashion labels for men can u wear without looking trying to hard, especially when you’re not in the fashion industry right?  The collection looked seemingly boring and not dramatic down the runways, but it is WEARABLE and most importantly it is casually fashionable  in its own rights. The collection includes the very creative packable bomber jackets, shorts, jeans and shawls in pastel and classic light navy colours. Jackets, the folded shorts and bags are just tasty – if only they had a store in Milan, Italy.

Special Note – TO NICHOLAS K & TEAM: PLEASE SEND US ANY OF YOUR SPRING 2010 MEN COLLECTION PIECES TO THIS POOR BLOGGER! (I hope you guys have big sizes for big men like me) PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE! And yes this is straight up begging mode. In return, you will have an over-seized Asian man-fan wearing your clothes proudly.

Check out Nicholas K Spring 2010 Men Collection after the jump.

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