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Longchamp takes on modernization in its ring collection

February 28, 2010

Longchamp, a brand that personally to me  is a dull cloudy brand. So it is somewhat good news when they try to make something modern chic for the ever-changing world of fashion. Most recent attempt by the brand can be seen in the Le Pliage Ring Collection. To me I think the ring can/would make a big hit in the street fashion sorta way. But priced at 60 Euros a-pop…why would anyone buy a ring made out of rubber of different colours that cost that much when there are  a whole bunch of quirky colourful rings out there that cost less than this? If the design was more intricate and one of a kind – then maybe it will get some sales figures rolling. But this melted pacifier is a good attempt on modernization pressure but not good enough.

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