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Fall 2010 Men Collection: D&G

January 21, 2010

Was the House of D&G raided with homeless fellows recently? What’s with the new Fall 2010 men collection? First they focused way too much on the snowboarder look, then came the ‘I just don’t understand’ unneccessary layering of different textures, ..then came the black garbage bag inspired shiny jumpsuit. WHAT’S UP? Am not hating, this fatty love him some Dolces and Gabbanas love and style…but this looks like a wardrobe malfunction by itself. And the shoes looks like a crossbreed between a Supra and a skiing footwear. Focusing on each piece by itself –  sweater-coats; trapper hats; chunky turtlenecks; shearlings and bombers, flannel suits, some velvet blazers, even some black-tie options are good stand-alone pieces —Having said that, I do like some of the individual pieces showcased (e.g. the trousers/slacks and the smart fitting suits). Homeless much Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana? Please tell me you get me…I’ve posted more pictures on this collection in hopes some of you could shed some light on this collection.

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