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Rihanna’s Hard music video

December 18, 2009

The new music video for Rihanna’s single, Hard have just been released. Fresh out from the oven peeps! Well, I like the visuals of the music video – specifically the wardrobe change (the black dress with shoulder spikes is just AMAZING) but the message of the video is just not right and some what irrelevant. It’s fine if Rihanna want to get all fashion icon in her music videos, but it’ll be nice to see a music video that is not too self-indulgent (*hint hint* Mariah). Yes I know the song is about her being ‘hard’ and she has sold millions of records and fanmails – there’s just something missing in this video. I guess the director, Melina has done a great job in the military themed music video, making it a visual that is easy to look at  (Rihanna is smoking HOT in this video with some titayz tape-she s actually wearing a skin toned corset underneath-boohoo). But I am sure something more relevant could’ve been done to make this video more impactful.

Download Hard Featuring Young Jeezy here

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