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Britney’s 3 music video gets a new cut

December 16, 2009

A new cut (director’s cut) for Britney’s latest single 3 music video was just released. Personally, I think this time the scenes and edit was wat way better than the original music video. Check it out below.

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  1. December 16, 2009 10:27

    One of the best examples of how materialistic humanity has become is the music we listen to. When did music stop being about talent & sound, and become more about looks & money. It amazes me that people would rather listen to Britney Spears than burning spear. kanye instead of jimi, or taylor swift instead of bluegrass. How is it that our culture now lifts people to the top of societal ranks simply because their sexy & excessive. If we’re going to reward people with millions of dollars shouldn’t they at least have some real talent to show for it… Anytime something new & amazing comes about in this world it immediately becomes corporate & sold out. Just a half a century ago as a country we were into the likes of The Grateful Dead, bob dylan, the beatles, ect. , and now we’ve somehow gone from that to practically worshipping fake lifesize barbie and ken dolls. I thought the 90’s were getting bad with the marilyn manson & korn era, but I must say its gotten worse, at least that stuff was original & creative. Not only is most of today’s popular music horrible but its also way overplayed. If you listen to most modern hip-hop stations, they basically rotate the same 10 songs or so all day long, the same thing (although slightly more songs) with the country and rock stations. Even the classic rock stations, you know something is wrong when radio stations that supposedly play music from “THE ERA” don’t even play the good stuff anymore & instead just overplay 80’s hairbands and Led Zepplin. Maybe its the end of an era, the end of music, or maybe its like humanity itself and peoples tastes for music has over-evolved and have nowhere else to go.

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