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Rated R getting mixed reviews

November 25, 2009

The new album, Rated R – fourth studio album by Barbadian R&B Princess, Rihanna is getting mix reviews from her fans and music critics. Entertainment Weekly writer Leah Greenblatt gave the album a B rating and called it “a raw, often unsettling portrait of an artist who is, she insists, no longer a Girl at all” while Chicago Tribune writer Greg Kot gave it 3½ out of 4 stars and called it “powerful and moving art”.

Despite commending Rihanna for her vocals,  The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis gave the album 3 out of 5 stars and viewed its lyrical allusions to her relationship with Chris Brown as a weakness, stating:

You can see why Rihanna has chosen to litter her album with apparent allusions to the assault: as people are going to read references into the album regardless, you may as well throw them a bone. But there’s more to her than the public’s prurient interest in her private life. That you can’t tell that more often from Rated R is the album’s big flaw.

 Giving it 4 out of 5 stars, Rolling Stone’s Jody Rosen wrote favorably of the album’s grim theme and called Rated R “one of the best pop records of the year”. Some fans have voiced out that this album is the worst album so far, and adding scrutinity, Hollywood’s Most-Hated Website/Blogger, Perez Hilton .

Sadly, Rihanna’s new album SUCKS!!!!!!! … So disappointing.

After reading all these reviews, I’m still LOVIN’ this album. Yes, it’s not your usual Rihanna-Good Girl Gone Bad or Music Of The Sun album, but this album has its own life and style to it. So I’ll let Jody Rosen of Rolling Stones to give you a summary of what she thinks of the album – which I agree.

With Rihanna, singing has never been in doubt. The question has always been personality: Is there a flesh-and-blood woman lurking beneath the big voice and model looks? On Rated R, she answers the question emphatically. There are a couple of engaging uptempo tunes. (The StarGate-produced “Rude Boy” is smutty fun, with a Caribbean bounce.) But this is an album with a grim theme: love gone horribly wrong. “What you did to me was a crime,” Rihanna sings in the slow-boiling “Cold Case Love.” Elsewhere, she is bent on vengeance. “I lick the gun when I’m done,” she cries in “G4L,” “because I know that revenge is sweet.” The songs are etched in somber shades and minor chords, with Rihanna belting over synths and booming beats. The results are a musical match for the black-on-black CD cover — goth R&B.

No single song approaches the grandeur of Rihanna’s 2007 megahit, “Umbrella.” But even the most sprawling power ballads here have an intimate quality. In the plaintive “Stupid in Love,” Rihanna turns the blame inward. “My new nickname is ‘You Idiot’ …/That’s what my friends are calling me when they see me yelling into my phone.”

Judge for yourself…download Rihanna’s new album RATED R here . I have also included the song Hole In My Head (which is a bonus track from Nokia Comes With Music), featuring Justin Timberlake (who contributed in this album as one of the writers) in this album download. Listen and vote.

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