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Comme des Garçons does the Beatles collection

November 25, 2009

Comme des Garçonsa (CdG) partnership with Apple Records recently released a line of handbags, t-shirts and button down shirts featuring The Beatles. That’s right, you can now cruise around Tokyo arm-in-arm with John, Paul, George, & Ringo. When I first heard about the partnership I was excited but now….*sigh* Personally to me, WHAT’S THE POINT? It’s looking pretty plain and normal. It doesn’t look anything rock-ish or Beatle-ish at all. If it was priced at USD$25 a pop probably I would consider since it is CdG, but USD$115 for a t-shirt and it looks like this—-

Doesn’t it look like one of those t-shirts you get in a goodie-bag attending an event? OMG…did anyone smacked Rei Kawakubo’s head on the pavement before this was designed? Oh mio dio!!!! The ‘too-simple-for-the-cash’ designs also spread into fugly looking bags and the average button down shirts. Call me cheap, but I ain’t paying for anything if it looks like this…

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