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John Mayer releases a heartbreak handbook album

November 18, 2009

Battle Studies is the fourth Studio album by American pop musician John Mayer, released just yesterday. Mayer said:

 The album is called Battle Studies and that’s because it incorporates a lot of the lessons, a lot of the observations, and a little bit of advice. Like a handbook, like a heartbreak handbook.

 Here is a review by Rolling Stones of Battle Studies:

There’s no doubting the man’s chops. Battle Studies is a real study in craftsmanship and understated guitar ninja-dom, and musos will thrill to Mayer’s deconstruction of Robert Johnson’s Crossroads. But the solemnity is suffocating. On Heartbreak Warfare, Mayer delivers U2-style guitar and strained war metaphors: “Clouds of sulfur in the air/Bombs are falling everywhere.” That bust-up with Jennifer Aniston was bad, but was it really like the firebombing of Tokyo?

Battle Studies is terrific when Mayer drops the seriousness, pondering and sending up his reputation as a rake. On Half of My Heart, with Taylor Swift, Mayer plays the dude who kisses with one eye open, scanning for his next conquest. Then there’s the folk-pop single Who Says, the confession of a dope-smoking roué: “I don’t remember you looking any better/But then again, I don’t remember you.” Turns out, loose, louche, funny Mayer isn’t just good for publicity. It’s good for art.

Personally I find this album pretty good. A very easy-listening album – a good album to play on a road-trip alone or on a lazy sunday afternoon. Download Who Says, the album’s first single, the second single,Heartbreak Warfare and Half Of My Heart featuring Taylor Swift here

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