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The first 3 singles from Jay-Z’s Blueprint III album

November 11, 2009


 The song, DOA (Death of Auto-Tune), is the first song released from Jay-Z’s new album, The Blueprint 3. No longer on long-time label Def Jam as either an artist or executive, Jay-Z presumably now has the freedom to keep it real, to say what he wants without minding political correctness. Which is why this new song is supposed to be some type of mission statement. Jay will not sit around any longer and put up with BS music. To me, this song didn’t make any difference to his new-found label/freedom.

The second single, Run This Town, featuring Rihanna and Kanye West. Alot of peeps are saying West upstaged Jay-Z in this song, but to me I think they ‘re equally great in this track. Rihanna, well her hypnotizing chorus is addictive. This song was wayyy better than the first single – ‘fo sho.’Love the video too…all of them look so gung-ho about the song. Such passion and style!

In terms of rhythm, the third single Empire State Of Mind, featuring Alicia Keys kinda lost it. It becomes sorta repetitive and boring at some point, espeacially when Keys starts singing the chorus – sorta annoys me after the 25th time listening to it. Having said that, this song is apparently the biggest singles so far – so big that Keys will be recording a new version of Empire State of Mind (2) with Jay-Z for her upcoming new album. I loved all three tracks, but if I would have to choose my favourite single of this album, it would be Run This Town… and you?

 Download all the three (3) singles above from Jay Z’s Blueprint III album here .

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