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Maiden Art, Italy – nice stuff.

November 1, 2009


Just browsed upon this unheard of brand in Italy. They have simple yet uniquely design accessories that are worth featuring. Here is a brief introduction to Maiden Art Conceptual Design.

[Maiden-Art Conceptual Design]
Maiden-Art is an Italian conceptual design brand of clothing, accessories and jewelry available for men and women.
Maiden-Art means Pure Art, in other words to dress the Art.
Its world is made of research, innovation and irony… with open eyes to the market’s needs.
Maiden-Art is not only about fashion, but it’s the result of the fusion between art and experimentation.
The designers come from two different and complementary artistic backgrounds.
Their artistic works as photography, video art, performance and sound design become naturally the inspiration for Maiden-Art’s creations.
Next projects are: a music record label, an avant-garde magazine and products design.

Here are some of the accessories that you can find  and purchase  (it ain’t super cheap though) in their website .

MaidenArt_Leather Origami Ring

MaidenArt_Black Vinyl Bracelet

MaidenArt_Pleated Leather Choker

MaidenArt_Dark Rainbow Zippers Bracelet

MaidenArt_Silver Fringes Necklace

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