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Urban Outfitters expands to Italy

October 31, 2009


Urban Outfitters is also pushing into Europe, where the company is radically increasing its one to two new stores a year to as many as 50 in 2010. The goal is to have 100 stores between Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, spreading them out across the UK, Spain, Germany and Italy. That translates into even more growth in addition to what the new concepts are delivering Stateside, and there’s talk of a plan for Asia coming in the next few months as well. (excerpt from

Come to think about it, Milan, world’s famous fashion capital is lack of international brands. Not exactly complaining about the Versace and D&G boutiques here, but seriously, how many of us can afford to buy them on weekly basis? Well, praying to the Gods of Fashion that Milan will opens its doors to international fashion brands. Ohh…There’s some wind blowing about the possibility of Topshop (maybe Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins too?) from the UK and GAP are planning to open respective flagship stores here in Italy as well. Let’s hope it’s true…I miss looking at Topshop/Topman apparels though in Asia, Topman sizes are for skinny boys – here’s hoping to better sizing in Europe.

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