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Air produces its own 5th album

October 5, 2009

air-love2For such veterans, it is alil’ weird that this is the first time Air is producing their album entirely their own. The album, Love 2 marks a recording session in their state-of-the-art Atlas Studio in Paris. A very meticulous and air-light synths album – relaxing and very ambient sorta vibe. Here is what Rolling Stones mag have to say about this album:

Air’s electro-pop generally lives up to the group’s name. But their fifth LP sounds a bit, well, polluted. “The world is on the brink … of extinction,” intones a fried robot voice on the opener, Do the Joy, while vintage synths ride a gnarly stoner-rock bass line. Actually, the new dirt and gravitas are refreshing, as is the groove weight of guest drummer Joey Waronker. Eat My Beat conjures crisp blaxploitation funk, Night Hunter sounds like DJ Shadow channeling Fela Kuti’s ghost, and  Love rocks a kickin’ click track. It’s all like a dream of a Seventies soul jam adrift on a space station, wondering when it’ll be safe to come home.

Download So Light Is Her Football here and Eat My Beat here

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